A Midsummer Night's Light!

Jul 30, 2021 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Ash and Goh are in Sinnoh, where entire towns are being plagued by nightmares. Chloe and Dawn are there, too—and they’ve stumbled upon an injured Cresselia. Dawn treats its wounds, then teaches Chloe a bit about Contests. Meanwhile, Ash and Goh confi... (more)rm that Darkrai is causing the nightmares. When they all meet up, Chloe and Dawn theorize that Darkrai and Cresselia aren’t really enemies—and they’re right! After a confrontation with Team Rocket’s elite Matori Matrix, Cresselia heals Darkrai’s wounds, and Darkrai blows away the clouds so Cresselia can use Moonlight on itself. Both Pokémon return home, so it’s time for our heroes to have some summer fun!

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Nightfall? Nightmares!
Season 19 Episode 74

Jul 23, 2021

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