Leaping Toward the Dream!

Jun 18, 2021 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Goh’s request to try out for the Project Mew research team has been accepted! He and Ash travel to Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh region, where Project Mew member Danika explains Goh’s first task—catch an Alolan Ninetales who’s stuck on the mountain! Our ... (more)heroes soon realize it won’t be easy, because when they find Ninetales, the typically tranquil Pokémon is angry. It uses Blizzard, and Quillon of Project Mew has to rescue Goh and Ash. Eventually, Goh gets Ninetales to calm down, and he catches it so Project Mew can return it to Alola. Having passed the test, Goh is now an official challenger to join Project Mew!

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Season 19 Episode 70

Jun 11, 2021

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