Trials of a Budding Master!

Jan 15, 2021 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Goh continues to grow his Pokémon family by catching a Geodude, while Ash wants to help his Farfetch’d become a Leek Master! Ash also wants to raise his World Coronation Series ranking, so he’s determined to battle as much as possible. When Dozer and... (more) Gurdurr challenge Ash and Farfetch’d, Farfetch’d wins using sheer strength. Meanwhile, a mysterious Trainer named Rinto has been watching, and he thinks Farfetch’d is undisciplined. So, Rinto and Gallade challenge Ash and Farfetch’d on the spot! Gallade’s power and finesse prove overwhelming, and Farfetch’d loses. But Ash vows to train hard with Farfetch’d until they meet Rinto again—and until Farfetch’d becomes a Leek Master!

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Season 19 Episode 50

Jan 08, 2021

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Guest stars

Zeno Robinson