Serving Up the Flute Cup!

Dec 29, 2019 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Ash and Goh are off to the Hoenn region to compete in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup, and when they arrive, Goh catches a Taillow! They soon meet Hodge, an imposing Trainer who’s confident he’ll win the competition—and sure enough, his Mightyena quick... (more)ly defeats Goh’s Scyther and Scorbunny. But it’s a different story in the final round, when Ash and Mimey face off against Hodge and his Hariyama. Mimey’s calm battling style results in a victory, but when it declines to battle Mightyena, Ash sends in Pikachu—who uses a unique strategy to land the final blow and clinch the grand prize for Ash!

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Season 19 Episode 6

Dec 22, 2019

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