Family Determination!

Nov 23, 2017 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Our heroes are in shock after Lusamine’s disappearance through an Ultra Wormhole, and they want to help get her back. But Gladion insists it’s a family matter, and he and Lillie set out on their own rescue mission. The Pokémon School class still want... (more)s to help, though, so Kahuna Hala directs them to the Altar of the Sunne on Poni Island. Meanwhile, nearing the altar, Gladion and Lillie encounter a Totem Kommo-o! With Snowy and Silvally, they defeat the Dragon-type Pokémon. Then, when the siblings rejoin the rest of our heroes, Ash again tries to convince Gladion to let everyone help. And when Lillie agrees, Gladion finally understands…

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Season 18 Episode 50

Nov 16, 2017

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