Living on the Cutting Edge!

Jun 02, 2019 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Someone’s been slicing and dicing objects all over Melemele Island: a cabbage at Mallow’s Family Restaurant gets chopped up, a golden Viren statue is cut in half, and the trees in Lillie’s yard are shaped into perfect topiaries! These occurrences (an... (more)d more) are the work of an Ultra Beast named Kartana, who can cut anything with its bladelike body. When the Ultra Guardians ask Kartana to stop its cutting spree, it ignores them—but later it saves the day by demolishing a meteor that’s barreling straight for the Pokémon School! Grateful for Kartana’s help, our heroes bid it farewell as it returns home through an Ultra Wormhole.

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A Fiery Training Camp Trick!
Season 18 Episode 123

May 26, 2019

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Jun 09, 2019