Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!

Jan 06, 2019 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Brock and Misty are having quite a busy vacation in Alola! Ash and the Pokémon School gang admire Brock’s culinary skills, boosted by delicious ingredients from Kiawe’s family farm. They decide to visit the farm on Akala Island—mostly because Brock h... (more)as been determined to meet the beautiful Kahuna Olivia! Like many of Brock’s crushes, Olivia is taken aback…but the two are soon bonding over their shared love of Rock types, and when Team Rocket attacks, they respond with a paired-up Z-Move! Brock and Misty’s visit ends with a beautiful fireworks display and promises to return to Alola for more vacation fun!

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Alola, Alola!
Season 18 Episode 102

Dec 23, 2018

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Season 18 Episode 104

Jan 13, 2019