Till We Compete Again!

Oct 27, 2016 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


At the Lumiose airport, Ash is heading home to Kanto, Serena is catching a flight to Hoenn, and Clemont and Bonnie have come to see them off. Dedenne doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening, and when Bonnie explains that it’s time to say goodbye ... (more)to their friends, Dedenne throws a tantrum and runs off to hide! Bonnie soon coaxes it back with a moving speech about pursuing their dreams together, and then it’s time for Serena’s flight and an emotional farewell to Ash. Clemont has the perfect idea for passing the time until Ash has to leave—a battle between Pikachu and Bunnelby, just like on the day they met

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Season 17 Episode 46

Oct 20, 2016

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