Forming a More Perfect Union!

Sep 15, 2016 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


An amazing assembly of powerful Pokémon and Trainers—including the Kalos Gym Leaders and two Champions—have come to help our heroes stop Team Flare! This teamwork allows Ash and Alain to rescue Chespie from inside the Giant Rock, and it seems to be d... (more)efeated...until it rises once again, under Lysandre’s control. Things seem hopeless until Squishy persuades the other Core to join the fight. The two of them merge together to become the titanic Zygarde Complete, which puts a stop to Lysandre’s plan once and for all. Finally, it’s time for Squishy and Bonnie to say their goodbyes—but they’ll always remember their unwavering friendship that helped save the world!

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Season 17 Episode 42

Sep 15, 2016

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