Analysis Versus Passion!

Jul 21, 2016 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Alain and Remo are battling in the semifinals of the Kalos League, and it’s clear these two Trainers have a heated rivalry—but Remo’s Mega Garchomp is no match for Alain’s Mega Charizard, and Alain moves on to the final round! Next, Ash and Sawyer m... (more)eet for the Full Battle they’ve been waiting for! Sawyer brings his cool-headed, analytical style, while Ash is all fired up as usual. The two Trainers seem pretty evenly matched—Sawyer’s Slaking beats Ash’s Hawlucha, Talonflame beats Slaking, Clawitzer beats Talonflame, and Pikachu defeats Clawitzer! Then, Sawyer calls forth Aegislash, and things are tense as the Royal Sword Pokémon chases Pikachu through the forest battlefield...

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Jul 07, 2016

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