A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!

May 12, 2016 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


On their way to Snowbelle City, our heroes run into their friend Sawyer, who’s already won his eighth Gym badge. Ash wants to show off what he’s learned about Greninja, and Sawyer wants to demonstrate how much stronger he’s become, so it’s time for a... (more) battle! After some smart tactics from Sawyer, the battle is down to Greninja and Sceptile—but for some reason, Ash and Greninja can’t seem to connect like they usually do, and Sawyer defeats Ash for the first time! Excited, he decides to come watch Ash’s battle at the Snowbelle Gym. Meanwhile, the Team Flare scientists continue their experiments as Squishy tries frantically to contact Z2…

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Season 17 Episode 25

May 07, 2016

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