Drifloon On the Wind

Apr 12, 2007 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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On the way to Eterna City, Ash and the others arrive at a Pok�mon Center where they are accused of trying to steal food. They find out that the center is run by Nurse Joy and her two daughters Marnie and Paige. After they clear things up, Ash, Dawn, ... (more)and Brock decide to help the three. When Marnie needs to go deliver her dad's lunch to him at the Valley Windworks, Nurse Joy has Paige go feed the local pok�mon. Paige decides to show Ash her pok�mon friend Suicune! However, the legendary pok�mon is not at the lake it usually is. At the Windworks, the Marnie and Paige's dad uses his Ampharos to fend off a Team Rocket attack. However, the explosion causes the wires to be damaged and with a storm coming, the Pok�mon Center loses power. Nurse Joy decides to go to the Power Plant and figure out the problem. Paige then decides to go using Drifloon. They try to stop her, put the wind carries her, Pikachu, and Drifloon away! They head to the Power Plant and the power has been restored. Ash tells them about Paige and borrows Marnie's Drifloon to go after her. With the storm getting fiercer, will Ash be able to save Paige, or will Marnie be forced to call on an old friend to save her?

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