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Nov 23, 2006 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Ash and friends finally arrive in Jubilife City, and Dawn is ready for the upcoming Pokemon Contest. However, she wants to go get a Poketch for the contest, but they are all gone! At a street corner, Team Rocket disguised as clowns are giving free o... (more)nes out, and Dawn, Ash, and Brock take one. At a park, a boy comes up to them and reveals that they are fake. It turns out that the fake ones are a scheme to hypnotize the Pokemon of the trainers who took one and capture. However, Ash, Dawn, and Brock soon catch onto this and plan to stop Team Rocket.

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Setting the World On Its Buneary!
Season 10 Episode 9

Nov 16, 2006

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Dec 07, 2006

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Clyde Hunter