Nov 09, 2006 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Team Rocket open a Gym in hopes of scamming people of their Pokemon. However, Jessie can not win a single match. Her luck changes when a Croagunk follows Meowth from the store, and soon she is winning every battle. Ash and friends run into a girl nam... (more)e Minnie and she is headed to the Gym. Ash decides to go with her. When Minnie loses, she lets them take her Scizor to train it. However, this is Team Rocket's plan, to steal the Pokemon. However, when Ash wins they steal Pikachu and run. Can Ash get Pikachu and all the other Pokemon back, and what surprise does Croagunk have in store?

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Season 10 Episode 7

Nov 02, 2006

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