Imitation Confrontation

Nov 23, 2000 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


Stopping off at a Pokécenter, the gang looks around for nurse Joy. Suddenly she appears with Chansey, but makes the confusing statement "Nurse Joy is seeing a patient." Brock nears the Joy-look-alike and reveals it isn't nurse Joy and Chansey at all,... (more) but Duplica and her Ditto! Our heroes find out the real nurse Joy is checking on Duplica's newest Pokémon, "Mini-dit." Though there's nothing wrong with Mini-dit, it retains it's pint size, even when Transforming into large Pokémon. Be sure to watch for a teeny Arbok, an undersized Ursaring and a wee Wobbuffet. Although it may be small, this puny Pokémon can sure pack a wallop!

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Nov 16, 2000

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Nov 30, 2000

Guest stars

Lisa Ortiz