Clefairy Tales

Sep 10, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


Jigglypuff is taking a walk through the woods, singing its favorite song. A Caterpie and Pidgey fall out of the trees, and Jigglypuff draws on their faces only to be knocked out with a tea pot. When Jigglypuff gets back up, it discovers a space ship ... (more)crashed in the woods. Some Clefairy come out, the leader with a flower on its head. Meanwhile, the gang are enjoying some ice cream, just as they spot a Clefairy. They chase after it while their stuff is stolen. They report this to Officer Jenny, and they find out lots of people have had their stuff stolen. They meet a guy named Oswald, who thinks aliens have stolen their stuff. Just then, two mysterious beings land and take Pikachu. It's Jessie and James, being lifted with a crane by Meowth. Ash stops them, only to have Pikachu taken by a Clefairy. They follow it into a manhole, which leads to an underground cave. They find a new spaceship the Clefairy are building, which is about to launch. They board the ship to find Pikachu behind glass. They plan to use Pikachu to power their space ship. The Clefairy jump in to guard. Then, Jigglypuff walks in on the whole scene, walks up to one of the Clefairy, and Jigglypuff whacks the Clefairy. The battle begins. Jigglypuff slaps around all the Clefairy knocking them all out. Jigglypuff then finds the master control room, and so does Oswald. Jigglypuff slaps around the master Clefairy, and the Clefairy puts up a good fight, slapping back. Oswald fiddles with the control, and breaks it off. Jigglypuff grabs it, and starts singing. As everyone is asleep, the rocket blasts off. Pikachu is hit in the nose with a mallet, which startles him, and then Pikachu's electric shock begins to power the space ship. In mid-air Team Rocket try to abandon the ship, but they are on the wrong side and break off to crash into the land. Ash and the group manage to use Bulbasaur to wrap its vines around the point of a skyscraper, and they swing to safety. The ship soon crashes in the woods, and Oswald

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Season 1 Episode 61

Sep 03, 1998

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