The Problem with Paras

May 14, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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The group arrives in a small little village where there is not even a Pokémon Center. They must stock up on supplies, so they go. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still following them, but Meowth is very sick. A lady comes up to them and gives Meowth some m... (more)edicine and he gets better. Meowth also takes a liking to the girl who cared for him. The group meet the same girl and she wants to battle them. She needs the mushroom on a Parasect to make a new super potion, but her Paras will not evolve because it isn't getting any battle experience and is very weak. Pikachu fires a tiny static bolt at it and it faints. He sends Charmeleon, who is disobedient and flames Paras real good. Later on, Meowth tries to help Paras by making it think it is winning battles. It gets more confidence and it works. Paras eventually evolves into Parasect and the girl can get what she needs.

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May 07, 1998

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