Wake Up Snorlax!

Apr 23, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Having not eaten in days, the group search for a town and find one. Unfortunately, the town has no food because the water supply was being blocked by a Snorlax. They try many tricks to wake up the Snorlax, but it does not work. Team Rocket comes by a... (more)nd they help to wake up the Snorlax because they want to steal it. They eventually wake it up by getting the old man who owned it to play his Pokéflute. When it wakes up, it eats all the thorns blocking the water flow and then goes back to bed somewhere else. The water is flowing again and the village can grow crops. The group leave and continue on their way.

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Season 1 Episode 40

Apr 16, 1998

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