The Legend of Dratini

Nov 25, 1997 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


Our heroes decide to take a trip through the Safari Zone, where they figure they'll be able to easily snag as many Pokemon as they want. What they don't count on is the heavily armed and trigger-happy game warden, who draws his six-shooters at the sl... (more)ightest provocation. After staring down the business end of the warden's magnum several times, Ash sets his sights on the mythical, legendary Dratini, a Pokemon that according to Professor Oak, is one of the most difficult to find creatures in existence. Team Rocket's in the Zone too, though. Just as Ash and crew leave the warden's station, Jesse challenges them to a winner-takes-all duel. Whichever side manages to grab the most booty in the Jungle Zone will get all of the loser's Pokemon and Poke Balls. The game is on, and Pikachu hangs in the balance.

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Nov 18, 1997

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