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Jun 01, 2004 on VELOCITY at 9:00 PM

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Cassie is an 18-year-old bank teller -- she’s responsible, fun loving and the proud owner of a very boring ‘91 Ford Explorer. Chip Foose, along with the mega-OVERHAULIN’ team of Gary Bell, Vince Incalcaterra, Raymond Miller, Jeremy Johnson, Ryan Fila... (more)r, Joseph John Messinese, Derrick Atkinson, Jeremy Hayter and David Wachter worked at the giant parts factory known as APC, to reinvent Cassie’s SUV in a short seven-day period. The insiders: Aunt Barbara and Uncle Mike, the family she lives with. They helped OVERHAULIN’ by disabling the car; Cassie had to send it to the shop; OUR shop. As the week went on, Mike told Cassie that the car needed big repairs. Days later, Barbara told her niece that the Ford was stolen from the repair shop. Later still, investigator for the D.A. Courtney asked Cassie about the stolen vehicle. Hours later, Special Agent Chris told her to come to a place where she could ID her now recovered car. She arrived for a surprise.

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