The Secret Within the Dead Sea Scroll

Jul 06, 2014 on AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL at 10:00 PM


Could a Jewish Treasure lost when the Temple was sacked be hidden in caves in Jordan? John Marco Allegro, a maverick young scholar was convinced it was. It began with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946. Here at last were ancient texts that... (more) seemed to prove the existence of Christ as a historical person. But of the 972 scrolls found in the caves of Jordan, one was completely different. For a start, it consisted of two thin rolls not of papyrus but copper. But the real surprise was when the scroll was examined by John Allegro. What he read amazed him. It was a list of 64 locations with descriptions of items that had been buried at each one. Allegro realised that he was looking at clues to finding a massive haul of treasure - worth millions in today's money. The scroll seemed to be dated around AD70, the year the emperor Titus razed the temple of Jerusalem to the ground. The story had always been that the Temple's treasure had been taken away and hidden. Surely this was it? But his bosses refused to believe the scroll was real. The weights in Talents were simply too big to be true. If accurate, it listed all the known silver in the world at the time and a quarter of all the world's gold. But Allegro was undeterred and with the help of king Hussein no less, mounted two expeditions into Jordan. What followed was a tale of adventure, jeopardy and discovery.

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