The Curse of Montezuma's Gold

May 04, 2014 on AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL at 10:00 PM


A lost treasure of immeasurable wealth - the riches of one of the most powerful empires in the history of the Americas - the Aztecs. Faced with annihilation at the hands of the Spanish conquistadors, Montezuma, the dying Aztec Emperor ordered his tre... (more)asure trove spirited away and hidden. But despite torturing the Aztec leaders and mounting a vast number of expeditions, the Spanish conquistador Cortez still couldn't find it. For centuries Spanish adventurers would disappear into the hills and caverns of Mexico looking for it. But of course, the Aztecs ranged over a vast area. Many believed that if Montezuma had hidden the gold, it would be far from where the Conquistadors were hunting. Then In 1914, a man named Freddie Crystal walked down Main Street in Kanab, Utah, clutching a treasure map. He claimed that his map revealed the hiding place of King Montezuma's fabled Aztec treasure. When the outsider inquired around town, obliging locals informed Freddie that his map resembled a section of the White Cliffs 35 minutes south of the city limits. The clues to the whereabouts of the treasure lay in the graphic petraglyphs marked on the map. The same petraglyphs were etched on the cliffs around Kanab. To the amazement of the Mormons of small town Kanab, this stranger on a bike was telling them this vast horde of treasure was hidden near their town and there for the taking. 400 years after the death of Montezuma Freddie Crystal came in search for one of the biggest prizes in history. But was the treasure protected by an army of ghostly Aztec warriors and the curse of Montezuma?

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