Racket Girls

Nov 26, 1994 on Netflix at 12:00 AM


Movie Plot: Essentially, a movie about women's wrestling. Also riffed was the short "Are You Ready for Marriage?" On the SOL: Lisa Loeb appears on the hexfield viewscreen and sings / Crow wants to marry Servo / Jan in the Pan is the stripper for ... (more)Crow's bachelor party / Dr. Forrester performs the wedding of Servo and Crow, with Frank as the wedding singer. In Deep 13: A family starts poking around Deep 13, prompting the Mads to get a new security system, which Frank plays with / Frank falls in love with Lisa Loeb, until Dr. Forrester breaks the news to him that she is seeing Ethan Hawke. Original film made in 1951.

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Jul 16, 1994

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