My Wish

May 14, 2015 on NTV at 1:29 AM


While Takeo studies up on shoujo manga in the hopes of better understanding girls, Makoto and Ai meet up with Rinko, who confesses that she wants to become more intimate with Takeo, but is afraid of telling him as he'll think she is impure. Putting h... (more)er own happiness aside, Ai encourages Rinko to tell Takeo how she really feels, later telling Makoto about how she fell for Takeo. Catching up to Rinko, Takeo listens to each of her small demands, accepting them without argument. Rinko then confesses that she previously lied a few times in order to have an excuse to keep seeing Takeo, which just makes Takeo even happier. That night, as Ai makes her way back home, Rinko sees her first shooting star while Takeo asks Makoto to practise kissing with him, which is met with resistance.

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