Million Dollar Password

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This show is ended
CBS brings the classic game show Password back to primetime with Million Dollar Password. Hosted by Regis Philbin, two teams comprised of a contestan... (more)t and celebrity, will compete against each other in a race to determine what the hidden word is from one word clues given by the partner. Points are gained if you guess the correct secret word with the point value beginning at 10 and then decreasing as each guess is missed. The team that wins the initial game will then allow the contestant on that team go on to the End-Game where they have 90 seconds to guess 5 words. The end game has winnings in levels or tiers: Tier 1: 5 words out of 10: $10,000 Tier 2: 5 words out of 9: $25,000 Tier 3: 5 words out of 8: $50,000 Tier 4: 5 words out of 7: $100,000 Tier 5: 5 words out of 6: $250,000 Tier 6: 5 words out of 5: $1,000,000