The World According to Matt

Sep 14, 1998 on CW at 8:00 PM

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Matt dies in a car accident while on his way to dinner at Kyle's club. His mother gives Amanda a diary in which he recorded secrets about his friends and neighbors. Jane is amused to learn that Michael worked as a stripper during college; but their n... (more)ew engagement is threatened after she reveals that she slept with an old friend, Alex Bastian, the night before their wedding. Amanda learns from the diary that Kyle has a brother named Ryan. They quarreled after Kyle accused Ryan of making a pass at Taylor. Amanda convinces Kyle to bury the hatchet. Amanda removes an incriminating page from the diary. Beck returns the ransom money to Peter. Amanda tells Peter that the diary revealed that he performed heart surgery on Beck while he was unlicensed. Peter believes that the missing page relates to Amanda's feelings for him, and snoops in her apartment. Amanda mistakes him for a burglar and shoots him. Lexi decides to branch out into advertising. A distraught Megan throws herself at Michael, th

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