The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club: (2) Mr. Oliver

Dec 09, 1973 on PBS at 9:00 PM


Masterpiece Theatre When General Fentiman is found dead in his chair at the posh Bellona Club, the cause seems straightforward: a heart attack brought on by old age. Then Lady Dorland, the General’s sister, dies on the same day. Is it a startling co... (more)incidence or something more sinister? Called in to investigate, Lord Peter becomes suspicious of the general’s grandson, whose peculiar behavior and whereabouts on the night of the deaths seem incriminating. But these suspicions are overshadowed by the discovery that Miss Dorland, Lady Dorland’s niece, has an abiding interest in poisons. In Part 2 - Mr. Oliver: The General's sister apparently dies after him, but the conditions of the will are such that things would be different if she died before.

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