The Two Princes

Feb 24, 2013 on MBS at 12:00 AM

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Upon learning Hakuryuu's reasons, Sinbad insists that he should learn more about his country first and asks him to introduce himself to Alibaba and the others. When Alibaba meets Hakuryuu, he hears a voice from himside urging him to hate and attack h... (more)im, but he collapses instead. Upon being examinated, it is revealed that the snake bite Alibaba suffered in Balbadd has spread into a dark wound onto his body, from which the agent of Al Thamen, who was supposedly destroyed there, emerges. Sharrkan attacks the enemy whose dark blood splashes on Sinbad, cursing him too. Before disappearing, the agent explains that upon cursed, it is only a matter of time before both Alibaba and Sinbad fall into depravity and become overtaken by the Black Rukh. However, there is a dungeon called "Zagan" in an island to the south which is yet to be conquered, and whose Djinn can heal all kind of disease. As Sinbad and his household are forbidden from entering any further dungeon as he already has seven Djinn under his command, he sends Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba to conquer Zagan instead. Hakuryuu also offers himself to accompany them on their quest and the four depart to the island, escorted by one of Sinbad's Generals, Pisti. As they approach the dungeon, they are pulled by a strange light and find themselves inside it.

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Feb 17, 2013

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