Alibaba's Answer

Jan 13, 2013 on MBS at 12:00 AM

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As Alibaba tries to convince Abhmad to step down, Kogyoku Ren, the princess they previously met, appears in an attempt to stop the commotion. She claims that even if Abhmad is removed from power, another king must be chosen to marry her as part of Ba... (more)lbadd's agreement with the Kou Empire and all agreements between both countries, including the slavery treaty, must be aknowledged. Alibaba instead declares that there will be no king at all because Balbadd's monarchy shall be dissolved and adopt a democratic rule. Sinbad joins the discussion bringing some representatives of his confederation, the Alliance of Seven Seas with him and offers himself to discuss Balbadd's inclusion in said alliance with the Kou Emperor in person, prompting Kogyoku to retreat. As Alibaba adresses his decision to the people, the Rukh gathers strangely arround Aladdin and Judal, while Cassim and his men approach the palace.

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