Lethal Weapon

Jan 05, 1997 on ABC (US) at 12:00 AM

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While playing strip poker, Clark leaves to answer a bank alarm, but upon arrival, a man exposes him to red kryptonite and he burrows 50 feet under the pavement. After two more exposures at two more robberies, his powers become increasingly stronger a... (more)nd when he accidentally hurts Lois, he stays away from her. Superman goes to Dr. Klein to find out why his powers have gone into overdrive, and Dr. Klein encourages him to look inward and relax, instead of acting on his anger. Perry's son, Jerry, is out of prison and has been showering Perry with gifts from the money he has made by being paid to mess Superman up with red kryptonite. Jimmy and Jerry are each jealous of the other's relationship with Perry, and Jimmy investigates Jerry's possible involvement in the robberies. He gives the information to Lois, who warns him to tread carefully with his circumstantial evidence, but when she follows Jerry, she sees him get paid for a job. Mr. Gadget and his son are planning to level every building

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