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Feb 07, 2015 on NHK at 5:30 PM

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In the wake of Nureha's disappearance from the train, Loreil begins a frantic search for her. Meanwhile, Izuzu and the others explain to Roe 2 and Dariella of their quest goal. As their journey continues, the party makes a stop at the Town of Safil a... (more)nd hold a successful concert. After the concert, Isuzu has an exchange with Rundelhaus and talks about her musician father and they also shed some light on the translation errors that the system throws up between the different languages of the People of the Land and the adventurers. Rundelhaus also explains that the People only have forty-two songs given to them by God and were truly happy to hear Isuzu's music since they are unable to create their own. He goes on to elaborate upon the endless possibilities the adventurers create for them in Akihabara and causes Isuzu to break down from not heeding the advice of her lyrics.

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