The Swallow and the Baby Starling

Mar 01, 2014 on NHK at 5:30 PM

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The city of Akihabara becomes much more lively than usual as the Scale Festival looms over the horizon. While detached from the city's activities, Shiroe continues his work until Henrietta suggests that he take time away to enjoy the festival with ev... (more)eryone. Afterwards both Minori and Akatsuki attempt to invite Shiroe to the festival's couple cake-eating contest. Minori explains to Isuzu that she intends to use the contest's reward to improve the public's trust of Shiroe which had been wavering as of late. The next day, Shiroe participates with both Akatsuki and Minori and the former receives a large amount of envy from the other participants for bringing two girls, which only escalates when Akatsuki and Minori begin competing with each other for his attention. However the trio end up failing the contest and while mulling over the day's events atop Log Horizon's headquarters, Shiroe decides to better spend his time with his guildmates.

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