The Roka Encounter Battle

Oct 12, 2013 on NHK at 5:30 PM

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Upon dying while fighting monsters, a player revives at the Cathedral and Shiroe deduces that they are truly trapped inside the game. After another meeting with the Crescent Moon Alliance, Shiroe and co. learn of the stabilizing power balance between... (more) guilds in the District of Akihabara in addition to a rise in recent PKings. While heading back to Akihabara after a day of training Shiroe and Naotsugu anticipate an ambush from nearby PKers, forcing them into a direct confrontation. However the PKers' overconfidence quickly becomes their undoing as Shiroe and Naotsugu's team work proves to be too much for them and are quickly overpowered by the latter's high-level combinations. In desperation, the PK leader tries calling in reinforcements only to discover they have been already taken down by Akatsuki. Feigning defeat, the leader tries to attack Shiroe however Akatsuki kills him.

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