Prediction Predicament (1)

Jul 20, 2002 on FOX at 11:30 AM


Dedede keeps having a nightmare in which Kirby attacks him. When he goes to Mabel to see what it is about, he is stopped by the towspepole, who demand to know why Dedede hasn't built the park he promised. He ignores them and goes to Mabel, who says t... (more)hat it is because his consince. Meanwhile, Sammo reveals to Tiff that Mabel is just a wise woman, not a fortune teller. Mabel, with Tiff, sneeks into Dedede's observatorty, and looks into the telescope. King Dedede orders a manster named Chilly to destroy Kirby, which is defeated by Fire Kirby. Mabel shows Dedede his nightmares are a premenition of an asteroid heading to earth. Dedede finally falls asleep, and Mabel tells the kids it's really a thousand years! However, N.M.E just can't wait... TO BE CONTINUED

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Jul 13, 2002

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