Nazi Time Travelers

Aug 01, 2014 on H2 at 11:00 PM


At the height of World War II, the Nazis engaged their top scientists to develop "wonder weapons"–weapons that were so scientifically advanced they could have turned the tide of the war against the Allies. According to testimony, one of the top-secre... (more)t projects was code-named "Die Glocke." Die Glocke was believed to be a bell-shaped time travel device that could soar through the sky and eventually reach the speed of light and beyond. Did Die Glocke actually exist? And if so, could it have been based on alien technology? Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos travels from Poland to Pennsylvania on the trail of the Nazis' "wonder weapon." Did the Nazis find advanced knowledge in ancient texts that enabled them to develop anti-gravity technology? And was the construction of a time travel device made possible by reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology?

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