Episode Three

Apr 22, 2013 on Nine Network at 8:45 PM


Kane and Tom’s relationship is tested with the return of Stella’s biological father Liam. While Tom wants to sweep it under the carpet – Liam is bad news – Kane thinks they should do what’s right: tell Liam he has a daughter. Their fight plays out... (more) as Tom discovers a dead possum in their roof and a bbq with all our people turns into a possum funeral. Here Kane reveals to Abi his anxiety about Tom’s refusal to confront the truth. Kane and Abi secretly order a paternity test for Liam. Armed with the knowledge of Stella’s true parentage, Kane confronts Liam behind Tom’s back, placing their relationship in jeopardy. Meanwhile Liam reveals his true colours and Kane and Tom face losing their daughter. Gemma, tasked with clearing her mum’s stuff out of the family home, bumps into her former neighbour Damo (the son of the woman Gemma’s father is now with). Though initially frosty, their old friendship soon reasserts itself and they end up getting drunk together on homebrew and BMXing the pain away. As they prepare for the book parade, Lewis has to convince Gemma that despite her father’s behaviour, her childhood memories are still real. Lewis also has to accept that Lucy has a new flatmate....Tilda’s teacher Mr Tuck. Justin, frustrated with relying on everyone else to do up his new place, discovers a new vocation.

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