May 24, 2012 on Discovery at 12:00 AM


Freddie Flintoff is in the remote wilderness of Arnhemland, Australia searching for saltwater crocodiles with his Aboriginal hosts Joseph, Connie and Moses their grandson. Within a matter of hours Joseph lands the first kill – a wallaby. Starving,... (more) Freddie looks forward to the traditionally cooked meat. The build up to the rainy season complete with heat, humidity and constant mosquitoes make for gruelling conditions and a hunt for magpie geese tests Freddie’s patience. Unpredictable storms force them into a boat as the waters rise. Travelling, Freddie becomes aware of both the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles all around them and a near miss with a disgruntled croc brings home the danger. The final croc encounter is a mix of adrenalin fuelled apprehension as Joseph tries to catch one for their supper.

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Season 1 Episode 2

May 31, 2012