Teams #2

Jan 24, 2006 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode featured four co-ed pairs competing as teams. Stunt #1 (Helicopter platform transfer) Both team members would have to leap back and forth between two platforms hanging from helicopters, each person transferring up to 10 flags from one... (more) platform to the other and then jumping in the water below. The three teams get highest flag total would advance to the next round. The team with the least flags would be eliminated. Stunt #2 (Fear Factor Barber Shop) One team member would be seated in a barber chair and their partner would spin them. When the chair stopped, they would have to get whichever haircut their head was pointing to. The options were Mohawk, bald spot, patches, the taco, sideways Mohawk, and bald. Teams would advance to the finals if both members got their designated haircuts. Stunt #3 (Exploding container) As a crane lifted a large container to 200 feet in the air, both team members would have to climb rope ladders hanging from the container. Once they reached the container, they would both have to scale a narrow ledge on the side, collect two Allen wrenches, and climb another ladder to the top. Once on top, they would have to use the wrenches to unscrew hatches and climb down into the container. When they were both inside, they would have to touch two pieces of a livewire together in order to blow themselves out of the container and into the water below. The team to complete this stunt the fastest would be the Fear Factor Champions. Home Invasion Stunt (Stink beetle transfer) Competing in this week’s Home Invasion would be the Kutz family of Memphis, Tennessee. Two family members would have to take turns using their mouths to transfer stink beetles from one bowl to another. If they could transfer all the stink beetles in one minute, they would win a $5,000 Capital One Credit Card.

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