Fear Factor Twins #3

Mar 07, 2005 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This four-stunt episode featured four sets of twins competing as teams. Stunt #1 (Helicopter to speedboat) One twin would be hanging by a harness from a helicopter while their partner would be inside the helicopter. As the helicopter flew over a ... (more)buoy, the person in the helicopter would have to pull a rip cord and drop their twin into the water. When the helicopter flew over a second buoy, the second twin would also have to jump out. Both twins would have to retrieve a flag from their respective buoys and swim to an ultra boat. Once they were both on board, the boat would speed past a floating platform. Both twins would have to jump off, swim to the platform, and attach their flags. The time would stop when the second flag was attached. The pair of twins to complete this stunt the fastest would win a $20,000 Capital One credit card. No one would be eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #2 (Cattle trench) Twins would be racing back and forth while attached to a pulley system, so on

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