$1 Million Dollar Edition

Sep 22, 2003 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This extended episode featured twelve contestants competing for a prize of $1,000,000. Stunt #1 (Heli monkey bars) In a head-to-head race, contestants would have to cross monkey bars hanging under a helicopter. They would have to cross the bars, ... (more)release a flag, cross back to the starting point, release a second flag, and jump into the water. The winner of each race would advance to the next round, the loser would be eliminated. Stunt #2-Women (Leech coffin) The women would have lie in a Plexiglas coffin full of leeches. As the coffin filled with water, they would have to use a handle to pump the water out. The two women to stay in the coffin the longest would advance to the next round. The other woman would be eliminated. Stunt #2-Men (Ham & eggs Fear Factor style) The men would have to bob in for pig tongues in a tank of raw ostrich egg. After retrieving 5 pig tongues, they would have to eat one of the tongues and then eat 5 leeches. The two men to complete this stunt the

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