Go Cart Chicken; Fear Factor Basketball; Water Rotisserie

Apr 07, 2003 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt #1: Go Cart Chicken Contestants would have to race a go-kart down a track suspended over 100 feet in the air. They would have to stop their front wheels between a yellow line and the end of the track. If they stopped short or went off the e... (more)nd, they would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Fear Factor Basketball Contestants would have to shoot basketball from four predetermined spots. Each time they missed a basket, they would have to drink an 8-ounce glass of blended night crawlers, red worms, super worms, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Everyone who drank their respective amounts of blended worms and roaches would advance to the finals. Stunt #3: Water Rotisserie Contestants would be shackled by one wrist, both ankles, and their waist to a Plexiglas platform. As the platform spun, dunking them in and out of the water, they would have to unlock their shackles and swim to the side of the pool to stop the clock. The contestant to complete this stunt the fastest would win the

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