Flatbed to Flatbed; Worm Coffin; Tumbler

Feb 17, 2003 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt #1: Flatbed to Flatbed As a semi truck hauling two flatbed trailers drove down a runway at 35 miles per hour, contestants would have to jump a car off a ramp and clear the gap between the two trailers. In order to advance to the next round, ... (more)their car would have to stay on the second trailer, which was oiled and slick. If their car did not clear the gap or went off the end of the trailer, they would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Worm Coffin With only a narrow tube to breath through, contestants would lie in a coffin and be buried with 500 pounds of earthworms. While buried, they would have to use their hands to untie a knotted rope. All contestants who could untie the knot in three minutes would advance to the finals. Stunt #3: Tumbler As a tumbler with large holes rotated over water, contestants would have to transfer up to 14 flags from one end of the tumbler to the other. The contestant who could transfer the most flags the fastest before falling through one of the holes

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