Big Foot; Snake Tank; Floor Drop (Celebrity Edition)

Sep 23, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode featured six celebrity contestants competing for charity. The winner would receive $50,000 for their charity, and the others would receive $10,000 for their charities. Stunt #1: Big Foot Contestants would be sitting in a car at the e... (more)nd of a line of junkyard cars. As a monster truck drove over the line of cars, contestants would have to find which of six keys started the car and drive over a finish line. If their car was crushed by the monster truck, they could still continue if the car would start. The two men and the two women to cross the finish line the fastest would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Snake Tank Contestants would have to swim to the bottom of a water tank occupied by over 1,000 snakes, including a 10-foot long albino Burmese python. They would have to dig through the 1,000 pucks at the bottom of the tank and place as many of the 100 yellow pucks as possible into a bucket. The three contestants to retrieve the

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