Earth's Guardian Emerges

Aug 31, 1988 on Fuji TV at 7:00 PM

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Goku cannot defeat Mr. Popo, and thus, cannot see Kami! Goku decides to be trained by Popo. Kami eventually does reveal himself, and Goku is shocked to see he looks just like Piccolo(the logic!)! Kami tells Goku of how he split his good self from ... (more)his bad in order to take the throne of Kami-sama, but because of it, Piccolo was created. Kami tells Goku that he can't bring the dead back to life... but Shenron can. He will be able to bring Shenron back to life to restore everyone.

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Season 5 Episode 23

Aug 24, 1988

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Sep 14, 1988