The Trap is Sprung

Feb 11, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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General Blue continues to follow Goku, Krillin and Bulma whilst Commander Red is impatient for results. The trio walk into a spear trap room. Goku and Krillin jump over the floor buttons but Goku has to manuever Bulma with his power pole. Blue's sold... (more)iers get killed by the trap but General Blue finds a secret passage. As the trio cross a dark passage, they fall down an unstable floor into a lava pit, but Goku vaults them out with his power pole. General Blue gets attacked by an electric eel but manages to kill it. As the trio linger in the Pirates' port, a deadly robot emerges bent on terminating intruders.

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Season 3 Episode 21

Feb 04, 1987

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Feb 18, 1987