Bulma's Bad Day

Jan 14, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Goku and Bulma head to an island to look for a dragonball. The island however is under the control of General Blue of the RR Army. Goku lands on the island and Bulma finds only one dyno cap in her dad's case, but all there is are several nudie mags. ... (more)Bulma snatches the lot and gets frustrated and furious that her dad is into this and shreds them up. Goku dives into the ocean but cannot dive deep enough to find the dragonball. Meanwhile a couple of RR pilots are shooting at Bulma. As the pilots harass Bulma, Goku comes and blows them from the sky. Goku decides to go to Master Roshi's much to Bulma's dismay.

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Danger in the Air
Season 3 Episode 17

Jan 07, 1987

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Jan 21, 1987