End of Earth

Sep 06, 1995 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM


Supreme Kai explains to the Elder Kai that there were once five Supreme Kais. Four of them ruled over a quadrant of the universe, and the fifth was their leader. He says that Kid Buu was his original form. North and West Kai perished against Majin Bu... (more)u. South Kai was absorbed. The leader, Dai Kaio, was also absorbed, but this absorption changed Buu into the fat, happy Buu that came out of the ball. The absorption of the Kais weakened Buu. Back on earth, Kid Buu creates a massive ball of energy and throws it at the earth. Goku and Vegeta try to grab their sons and Piccolo, but are only able to grab Dende and Hercule. Goku Instantly Transmits to the world of the Kais.

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Aug 23, 1995

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