From College Athlete to Homeless and Addicted

Mar 15, 2021 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Ira was once a talented high school basketball player and even played in college. His mother, Chonte, says all of Ira’s basketball dreams were destroyed once he was introduced to partying and drugs on campus. Now, Ira is walking the streets of Los An... (more)geles homeless and using Fentanyl on a daily basis. But despite being homeless and using drugs, Chonte says her son refuses to admit he’s a drug addict and pretends to live a lavish lifestyle on social media. Chonte says she’s cut off Ira financially, but Ira calls his mother’s “tough love” “bad parenting,” and claims his mother should be helping him get on his feet, especially since she has the money to do so. Plus, find out why Ira believes rehab is just a waste of his time, and see what brought this young man to tears.

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