Athlete to Addict

Nov 13, 2019 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Bobby and Renna say their son, Cameron, was a local hero in their small town. They say Cameron was the homecoming king and an all-star football and baseball player with recruiters knocking down his door. But the parents say all that changed in the bl... (more)ink of an eye when injuries destroyed Cameron’s athletic career, and with the injuries came surgeries, and with the surgeries came pain pills. Cameron’s parents say now their son is a heroin-addicted criminal whose dirty needle use left him needing heart surgery to save his life. But, Bobby and Renna admit they are not on the same page on how to save their son. In fact, just four months ago, Bobby gave Renna an ultimatum: stop enabling their son, or she and Cameron needed to move out. Renna says she chose to walk away from her 30-year marriage to save her son. Can Dr. Phil get Renna to stop helping her son kill himself with drugs? Plus, find out the shocking confession Cameron makes to Dr. Phil producers?

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