Yes, I Abandoned My Children, but I’m Not a Bad Mom

Jan 16, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Jamie says his longtime girlfriend, Akealia, was an abusive and irresponsible mom who abandoned him and their five children more than two years ago to start a new life with a man she had known for only a few days — and has seen the kids only twice si... (more)nce. Akealia admits to smacking her children in the face and calling them names but denies being abusive and says she thought they were better off living with Jamie. Tensions run high when Dr. Phil brings the exes together for the first time in more than two years. Why hasn’t Akealia seen her children all this time? Does she want a relationship with them? Plus, hear from Akealia’s sister, Josephine, who says Jamie isn’t innocent in the situation. Why does she blame Jamie for causing Akealia to leave? Plus, Jamie and Akealia both say their 12-year-old daughter’s behavior has gotten out of control to the point where she’s a threat to her siblings. Can these parents put their differences aside and work toward getting their family back on track?

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15 and a Teenage Terror
Season 13 Episode 84

Jan 19, 2015